Chum Kiu by Kent Chu

朱國堅 - 尋撟

Left - Li Ka Cheung President of  Wing Chun Ng Wah Sum Academy


Little Idea by Chan Lim  陳廉 - 小念頭

​Danilo Battezzato from Italy

​23-8-2018 Attending my student - Paul McCourt's wedding in Perth, Australia

Master Wilfred Lam performing Buddha's Palm


Oct 28, 2019 visited Foshan Ip Man Museum with my students & Sifu Chow Students

​Sticky Hand by Chan Man & Chan Yim Kwong

                       陳炎光 , 陳文,

Exchange Student practise Wing Chun / Oct 2016

第四屆世界詠春大賽 Oct 9, 2016 晚宴

Dec 19, 2018 Felix Chu - student of Sifu Julio Ferrer (Seattle) visited our Academy

Left - Sifu Chow, Sifu Biagio, Sifu Julio, Sifu Wilfred Lam

​廣州省武術協會詠春拳專業委員會 23-10-2016


​Felix Chu from NY July 23, 2017

Oct 20-28, 2018 invited by Sifu Biagio Grillo to teach Wing Chun in Milan, Italy

Cheyenne from New York 

​2017 Oct 25

右 - 陳志文 (葉問宗師最早期弟子)

​Right - Chan Chee Man ( Grand Master Ip Man most senior disciple)

14-10-2018 Setup Wing Chun Martial Art Dept. for Guangzhou Jinan University School of medicine with my student - Sifu Chu Kwok Kin 

Sifu Wilfred Lam & Sifu Julio Ferrer of Seattle

Grand Master To Sum 蔡李佛大師森師傅

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​Sifu Julio & Othniel Leung

Dec 11, 2018  Dinner with Kwok Sin Ho & students

Valeria from Spain

Left - Nicolas, Sifu Biagio, Sifu Danny Wong

​Leung Woon Lam performing Cham Kiu

​Grand Master Cheung Kwok Wah 


Oct 15, 2016 Ng Style Daichi Grand Master Sin Man Ho Birthday


Paul McCourt & Yamini

​Nov 23, 2017

Paul McCourt, Bagio and Nicolas visited Hong Kong to join the Leung Sheung Lineage Banquet in Oct 2019

26-8-2016  Performing in Kung Fu Court

Presenting Instructor Certificate to Sifu Biagio Grillo

​Danny Wong performing Biu Chee


Feb 28, 2018 Chinese New Year Gathering with Grand Master Sin Man Ho, Grand Master Wan Kam Leung & Master Cheng Tsz Ping

左1 - 陳德興,左2-陸松茂,右2-譚振邦,右1-德叔

​Our Australian Student Paul McCourt visited Hong Kong the 6th time in May to learn Wing Chun.