Master Leung Chun Wai (senior student of Grand Master Ip Chun) visited Chin Woo Athlete Assoc. with Grand Master Ip Chun's students on Sept 5, 2018

徐鈿英師傅會興 16-12-2017

Feb 16, 2019 Sipak Leung Kam Tong

​Danny Wong 表演標指

June 24, 2018 Chin Woo Athletic Assoc. 96th Anniversary Dinner

24-10-2015 冼孟豪太極宗師壽宴

Feb 21, 2018 Chinese New Year Wing Chun Gathering.

Celebration Dinner of Huo Yuanjia 150 Anniversary by HK Chin Woo Athletic Association 

​Dec 9, 2018 香港精武體育會-霍元甲150周年武術匯演晚宴 

Oct 13, 2018 Ceremony to pass on the light to the next generation                          by Grand Master Sin Man Ho  ( Ng Style Taichi 4th Generation)

Master Chen Tsz Ping birthday dinner Jan 6, 2018

Sept 3, 2016 Invited by Soho Fitness to demonstrate Wing Chun in SAV Hotel 

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Jan 6, 2019 Grand Master Chen Tsz Ping birthday dinner 

Feb 27, 2018 Chinese New Year - Chin Woo Athletic Assoc. gathering

​24-4-2016 香港精武體育會 94週年暨第25屆董事就職典禮

​Oct 27, 2019  Grand Opening of Leung Sheung Lineage Confederation

Sifu Chow & Students /  Sifu Wilfred Lam & Students

1st lesson on April 2, 2016

July 16, 2017

​中山市精武武術俱乐部  張利兵師傳

Receiving the Chin Woo Athletic Assoc Traditional Martial Arts Grading System - The Level 10

Mar 9, 2019 Chin Woo Athletic Assoc.HK New Year Dinner

右一  吳式太極  譚鎭邦師傅

​27-4-2016 到訪中山市

嶺南詠春 溤炯雄師傅


July 21, 2018 Grand Master Leung Kam Tong Academy Removal

Sifu Wilfred Lam direct students

​Sept 10, 2016 Teaching in Soho Fitness

23-11-2015 鶴山梁贊尊師纪念館

14-5-2015 中山武術界交流

中山市三合太極拳 職士雄師傅

Nov 7, 2018 Preparatory Committee of Leung Sheung Lineage Wing Chun International Fellow Confederation Limited

​August 21, 2017


Oct 6, 2017

​May 15, 2016 Danny Wong performing Cham Kiu during 張三丰祖師誕 dinner event

​Sipak Kong Keung & Sisuk Kenneth Chung

Afternoon Tea with Master Wan Kam Leung, Leung Chung Wai & Aw Chun Lung

​Master Leung Chun Wai visited Chin Woo

​July 17, 2018

Invited to teach Wing Chun in Soho Fitness every Saturday 6-7:30pm

獲邀逢星期六晚上6-7:30 在Soho Fitness 教授詠春